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Title NEW HD!British BBW Busty Brogan Goes Blaq
British Busty Brogan Fucked By Danny Blaq

$20 | item #UKBB | 20min. | MP4 HD720p 480p iPhone | WMV 480p

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Description: During AVN AE Expo in Las Vegas, this January, I met Busty Brogan, the big tit, British Blonde Bomb BBW. After I brought her 1 of my cuckold's to worship her feet, we left him behind to go to over to my hotel suite. Using her plump & juicy English lips, she sucked my dick with lots of spit, before I fucked her tits and pussy, until I shot a big load of my cum out all over her giant tits. It's A Game Of Moans. :)

Stars: Danny Blaq, & Busty Brogan, & Cuckold Steve

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Title NEW HD! Squirt BBW Suzee's DP & Anal Creampie
Squirt BBW Suzee's DP & Anal Creampie

$30 | item #SUAC | 31min. | MP4 HD720p 480p iPhone | WMV 480p

PLAY PREVIEW :35 > HD720p | 480p | iPhone


Description: Busty BBW Kristin Kervz calls me over to help her violate her PAWG BBW submissive Suzee Que, until she is spewing spit and squirt juice, & leaking cum out of her asshole. With a big strap on and my hard dick we mouth fuck Suzee until she gags and spits, pussy fuck her, make her suck toes, then double penetrate her until she squirting up the sofa and floor. After we use her we make Suzee clean up her wet mess with her tonque.

Stars: Danny Blaq, Suzee Que, & Kristin Kervz


Title NEW HD! Cuckold Eats BBW Crystal Blue's Anal Creampie
Cuckold Eats BBW Crystal Blue's Anal Creampie

$40 | item #CBCA | 40min. | MP4 HD720p 480p iPhone | WMV 480p

PLAY PREVIEW 1:00 > HD720p | 480p | iPhone


Description: BBW Cyrstal Blue uses her massive 64" butt to sit on her paypig cuckold's face after she makes him put a butt plug in her ass, & worship her pretty feet. Then I come over and we make him eat the plug, catch spit as she gives me a blowjob, then eat my cum out of her asshole, after I spit in her mouth and fuck her bellybutton and pussy.

Stars: Danny Blaq, Crystal Blue, & Cuckold Bob

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Title NEW HD! Asstyn Martyn Fucked In Sex Therapy
Asstyn Martyn Fucked In Sex Therapy

$20 | item #AMST | 20min. | .MP4 HD720p 480p iPhone | .WMV 480p

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Description: Watch me fuck my sexy BBW therapist Asstyn Martyn with her 60" big ass & natural huge 38H size tits. As I lay on her couch I reveal that I fantisize about having sex with her red haired self, dressed ina nurses outfit, inside Maryland swingers club ThePrivateAffair.com.

Stars: Danny Danny Blaq & Asstyn Martyn


Title HD! BBW Lyla's Cuckold Anal Creampie
BBW Lyla's Cuckold Anal Creampie

$29.99 | item #BBWLAC | 30min. | HD720p 480p iPhone .MP4 | 480p .WMV

PLAY PREVIEW 1:02 > HD720p | 480p | iPhone


Description: Watch me ass fuck big tit, 54" big ass BBW Lyla Everwett, and make my cuckold Bob eat out the huge cumload directly from her butthole. We use him as a human furniture as she sucks my dick, she smothers his face with her big ass, after she walks him on a leash. when I'm done with this PAWG slut, she sucks her own tits and squats over Bobs face to dump out the large gobs of cum.

Stars: Danny Blaq, BBW Lyla Everwett, & Cuckold Bob

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Title: NEW! BBW Rain Triple Squirts On Danny | item# BBWRS
BBW Rain Triple Squirts On Danny

All $9.99 | item# BBWRS | 13min. | 640X480
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Stars: Danny Blaq, Rain, Mini Slut

Description: On Porno Dan's pool table, watch BBW Rain squirt in my face as mini Slut rubs her tits. Then she does it again in the basement, and again at a hotel between shoots with Kat Noir.




Title: Oiling Up Jazmyn Juggs item# DBJJ

All $26.99 | item# DBJJ | 36min. | 640x480
Play Preview 1:22 > Mac | PC | iPod/Droid


Stars: Danny Blaq, Jazmyn Juggs

Description: Young ebony slut with massive 40EE size tits asks me to oil her up in her bed, as her sexy black roommate watches. That leads to me eating her pussy and bubble ass, then fucking her big tits with my dick, pounding her pussy, and cumming all over her young face.



Title: BBW Eats Anal Creampie 3some | item# BBW3
BBW Rain Triple Squirts On Danny

All $30.99 | item# BBW3 | 43min. | 640X40
PLAY PREVIEW 0:52 > 480p


Stars: Danny Blaq, Jammin' Jennie, Candy Curvaceous

Description: In Tampa, FL this big tit MILF named Jammin' Jennie came to my hotel room so I could fuck her in the asshole and cum inside her. As an added bonus she brought her sexy redhead BBW girlfriend Candy Curvaceous, to eat the cum out of her asshole, and I got to fuck her, too. After I shot my load in Jennie's butt I pulled out and shot some on Candy's face as she was under Jennie, and she ate the cream pie.



Title: Cum On Fiancee's Face Before Her Wedding | item# LDYJ
BBW Lady J

All $17.99 | item# LDYJ | 18min. | 640X40


Stars: Danny Blaq, BBW Lady J

Description: I went to Pittsburgh, PA to fuck this Gothic-industrial chick slut named Lady J. She was tattooed ad pierced. Turns out it was the night before her wedding and her fiancee wanted me to fuck the out of her before they tied the knot in a few hours. So I did while he took pictures. :) She got dressed up in her slut high heel shoes and came to my hotel room, in a tight red dress to show off her incredible bubble ass. I made her show me her pretty toes and shoes, and thick legs. Then I pounded her good with my hard black dick looking into her baby blue eyes and then nutted all over her face and pierced lips. There was so much cum she smiled, laughed, and tried to blow bubbles in it.


Title: Stunning Summer's Garage Creampie | item# SSGC

All $17.99 | item# SSGC | 18min. | 640X40
Play Trailer :20 > 480p | Mac | PC | iPod



Stars: Danny Blaq, Stunning Summer

Description: After a motorcycle ride is cut short by a rain storm, cougar big tit and big booty Stunning Summer still wants something between her legs. So I pull us into the garage and fuck her on the Harley Davidson and then up against a Stingray. I reward her cries to cum inside her by dumping a thick cumload in her cunt.


Title: Stunning Summer's Huge Facial | item# SSHF

All $17.99 | item# SSHF | 18min.
Play Trailer 480p | Mac | PC | iPod




Stars: Danny Blaq, Stunning Summer

Description: This mature slut wants he big booty and mouth fucked with my hard black dick. So I undress her and pound her as she gives me a great spit filled blowjob then she opens her pussy wide for me to fuck her bareback.


Title: Creampie BBW Blonde MILF with Size 40 GG Tits | item# 40GG
BBW Serena

All $20.99 | item# 40GG | 24min. | 640X40


Stars: Danny Blaq, Serena The Bomb

Description: A fan of mine in Dallas, TX got the Porn Star Experience he always wanted when he asked to come to my hotel and hold my camera for me. Watch me fuck this blue eyed BBW blonde MILF's massive 40 GG tits! As she swallows my black cock with her giant tits I shove it into her mouth and next her big pink pussy. Showing off her slut white high heels I spread her legs and bend her great big ass over and fuck the hell out of her. As she begs for more cock I turn her over and pound her while I suck her nipples. Then she drops that big ass on top of me and rides me as I slap that ass. Then I bust my fucking hot load up inside of her cunt. It's so warm and thick she rolls over and it slides out of her hole down her butthole.


Title: Unload On My Pretty Face and Mouth | item# UMPF
Hottie Wife Tracey

All $31.99 | item# UMPF | 36min. | 640X40





Stars: Danny Blaq, Peaches LaRue

Description: I pick up my girlfriend porn starlet Peaches LaRue from the BWI airport and took her back to my friends house to fuck her. But as you can see from the start of the video she wants the dick bad as she yells at me to hurry up. When I get over she gets me out of my draws and swallows my dick. It's a beautiful head job, her throat is like a cunt. She has GIANT 38G tits and I grab and suck them them feed her her own nipple and she suck them. Then I finger her wet pussy and eat it because it tastes good. But her huge 50" ASS gets me so hard I bend her over and start to fuck her right on the sofa. Click the end of the video to see more! It's balls deep time for Peaches LaRue to take this black dick. Imagine fucking a hot BBW redhead with 50" of ass. She has her slut high heels on for me, too. Watch me bend her over and enjoy every stroke. See how wet and shiny my dick is after it slides back out of her pussy. Her body is so warm and her tits are so big I grab on to them as I bang her. After diving into Peaches LaRue's 50" of ass I can't take it anymore and pull out and bust on her face. She loves cum on her face and smiles so big as every drop cums out. She rubs it in all around her mouth and on her big 38G tits. I have to kiss her she looks so good with my nut on her. Dayum she got some good wet pussy.


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